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Entry #23


2011-09-06 19:59:22 by Ledgey

Well, my first two weeks in Prague have been an adventure. Mainly exploring the city and doing touristy things. The City here is too beautiful which is a change of scenery after living in Northern England my whole life. Beer here is insanely cheap (as I keep saying) at around £1 for a pint (or 0.5l which I think is just under).

And I haven't picked up any prostitutes, just yet.



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2011-09-07 09:13:07

also the pic is the lennon wall, which is right next to my uni. pretty nifty :3


2014-12-25 01:26:31

The Clock-tower Anniversary 3D projection light map show blew my mind!! But I only saw it on YouTube.. many times. <3 Cool pic btw